5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Stay Dry At Night

Nov 02, 2022 | 1.5 minutes Read

How To Help Bedwetting Daughter

When Girls Wet the Bed

No matter how common bedwetting is, it can be embarrassing and frustrating for girls experiencing it. If you’re concerned about bedwetting causes and think there could be an underlying issue, do check in with your doctor.

1. Don’t Hold Back On the Liquids

Prompt your daughter to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This allows her bladder to reach its full capacity and keeps things ticking over nicely. Concentrated and dehydrated urine can irritate the bladder, which could make bedwetting worse.

2. Make Sure She Empties Her Bladder

It’s important to remind girls to use the toilet regularly throughout the day rather than hold it in. Always get her to have a last trip to the bathroom before tucking in for the night so her bladder is empty before she goes to sleep. This will help her confidence too.

3. Keep a Light on at Night

It’s important that your daughter can find her way to the bathroom easily at night. A night light or keeping a torch under her pillow can help. For younger kids, you might want to put a potty in their room.
Keep a light on at night

4. Give Her Some Confidence

Your daughter may like the option of using Goodnites Nighttime Underwear. They feel like regular underwear and she might find they help build her confidence and feel more comfortable at night. They may also give her confidence on sleepovers or trips away. Store them somewhere discreet, but where she can easily find them – in an underwear drawer at home or the inside pocket of a bag when on trips.

5. Don’t Stress

Bedwetting can leave girls feeling embarrassed and worried, feelings which may intensify the older they are. It’s important to try your best to stay positive and calm to support your daughter and not add to her anxiety.