All About Bedwetting

Worry Less About Staying Dry
From expert articles to support from those who have been there, find out everything you need to know to help take the stress out of nighttime wetting so your child can wake up awesome.

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Bedwetting 101

Learn the basics of nighttime wetting. Our experts help sort out the myths from the facts so there can be less uncertainty for you and less worries for you child.

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Bedwetting By Age

It can be common for kids of all ages to wet the bed. Find more detailed information by age in this section.

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Bedwetting Causes

There can be many causes of bedwetting, so it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with them ahead of time. Knowing what to expect can help you narrow down the causes of bedwetting and tackle them early.

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Bedwetting Solutions

Most children will grow out of it eventually, but it’s helpful to have a strategy to manage bedwetting in the meantime.

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Transition From Potty Training

Is your child dry during the day, but wet at night? They might be ready to transition from potty training to managing nighttime wetting with Goodnites®.

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ADHD, Autism, & Bedwetting

Bedwetting is common, and kids with Autism and/or ADHD are more often affected than their typically developing peers. We’re here to help you learn what to expect, and share expert advice, so bedwetting doesn’t get in the way of an awesome day with you and your child.

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