Goodnites and the Autism Society of America Stand Up to the Bedwetting Stigma

Jun 30, 2023 | 5 minutes Read

Goodnites and the Autism Society of America Partnership

Bedwetting is common and occurs in 1 in 6 kids, but kids with Autism and/or ADHD are more often affected by bedwetting than typically developing kids according to a study in the Pediatric Journal of Urology. These kids may also experience bedwetting longer than a child who does not have Autism and/or ADHD.

Beyond the immediate mess of wet or dirty sheets, bedwetting takes a toll on parents and children physically, emotionally, and mentally. For kids with Autism and/or ADHD, bedwetting impacts the parents that live with it, the children that experience it, and the persistent shame that can come alongside it.

To better help parents/caregivers and their kids who experience longer-term bedwetting, Goodnites provides size-inclusive bedwetting underwear with outstanding comfort and fit. We launched our dedicated XL size in 2021, which extended our weight range up to 140 lbs, and enabled us to further help families in need of a longer-term bedwetting solution. XL launch data showed that the second largest group of buyers were parents of kids with disabilities.

Bedwetting can have a greater impact on families of kids with Autism and/or ADHD who experience additional physical, emotional, relational, and mental tolls on their everyday lives, and we are doing our part to provide meaningful support and help families experience more awesome days, without shame.

Raising Awareness with the Autism Society of America

We’re proud to partner with the Autism Society of America—America’s largest and oldest grassroots Autism organization—to raise awareness, stand up the bedwetting stigma, and provide education and support to families of children with Autism who need a longer-term bedwetting solution.

“The Goodnites brand is proud to stand up to the stigma and shame wrapped up in wet sheets and begin a conversation to help parents of children with Autism and ADHD find answers and solutions to help their kids wake up dry for a better start to the day for the whole family,” said Aaron Gretebeck, Kimberly-Clark’s North American Vice President of Goodnites.

To start, in honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Goodnites is donating $150,000 to the Autism Society of America to support our education and community efforts throughout 2023.

“Goodnites is addressing challenges faced by many in the Autism community with higher support need, that are not often talked about,” said Christopher Banks, President and CEO of the Autism Society of America. “The resources this partnership creates will serve as a starting point for conversations that will help break the stigma in a community that can often feel isolated and underserved.” 

Shattering the Bedwetting Stigma with Education

There is a stigma around bedwetting, even in the Autism community. Goodnites is committed to combating this bedwetting stigma through education. To better understand the experience of families of kids with Autism and/or ADHD who are experiencing bedwetting, we conducted a proprietary study, surveying 1,000 parents of 3–17-year-old kids with Autism and/or ADHD. Our research uncovered the physical, emotional, relational, and mental impact that bedwetting has on the entire family, not just on the child, which you can read about here.

Driven by insights from our research, we are sharing bedwetting awareness-raising digital content like this and amplifying influential voices in the Autism, ADHD and parenting spaces to give families, like you, the comfort that you are not alone.

Helping You Find Answers

Throughout the year, we’ll continue to share answers to the most commonly searched questions on the internet about bedwetting and Autism and/or ADHD, all with the help of Autism Society of America experts and other influential voices. This will include personal stories from other families who’ve been there or are currently in your situation. In addition, the ASA has a wealth of helpful resources including: 

  • The Autism Society’s National Helpline where you can speak to a trained Information & Referral (I&R) Specialist to learn about resources and services in your area. 
  • The Autism Source Database where you can find your local Autism Society chapter and other local service providers.
  • The Autism Society Facebook Group where you can connect with other families with autistic kids who are navigating bedwetting in a safe space. 

Through this partnership with ASA, we’re excited to start new conversations around bedwetting, Autism and/or ADHD, and create more positive outcomes for families. As you navigate your child’s bedwetting journey, remember that you and your family are not alone. Goodnites and the Autism Society of America are here to help.