Bedwetting Stories: How Goodnites® Helped My Daughter with Autism Stay Dry

Oct 06, 2023 | 5 Minutes Read

Family Portrait of the LewisEmpire6Family Portrait of the LewisEmpire6

Ashley Lewis of the LewisEmpire6 uses her platform to increase awareness of what raising a daughter with ASD is like. Many of her posts aim to change common misconceptions about Autism, by showcasing her daughter, Presley, as she grows up. She was kind enough to share her story about Presley’s journey with potty training and bedwetting and offer some advice that she’s learned along the way for other parents whose kids are experiencing bedwetting, too.

Potty Training Can Be an Overwhelming Experience

“Just like many parents, the fear of the future and the unknown for our daughter with autism was real. Almost too real. I wondered ‘What will her future look like? How long will we be changing her diapers?’

With two small children in diapers and Presley still in diapers at six-years-old, our reality was overwhelming.

Unlike with my other three children, no real potty training happened with Presley. Just a lot of fear and LOTS of diaper changes. I often questioned my parenting, and carried around a lot of shame, as I explained why Presley was still in diapers. It took a while, but I later discovered that Presley had no real awareness of her body. She couldn't connect the urge to go to the bathroom with the act of actually going. These two functions were dependent on one another, and we didn't know how to help her connect them.

It took six long years of changing Presley's diapers—with two other small children in diapers too—until she finally connected the signal of needing to go with the actual act of going. The first day she went to the restroom on her own, I think my husband and I actually cried. In fact, we went on a vacation that we promised we would go on once she was potty trained. It was fabulous!”

“We were grateful to have found Goodnites® Bedwetting Underwear.”

“For the nights after Presley was potty trained, we were grateful to have found Goodnites® Bedwetting Underwear to protect against nighttime leaks, and help her wake up dry.

We have tried almost every brand on the market, and Goodnites® stands out because they are designed with all children in mind, including older kids who may still wet the bed. The stretchable underwear is comfy, fits well, and provides discretion when sleeping over at family and friends' houses which was a relief for us, and one less thing we had to ‘explain’ when family and friends ask about Presley's needs—especially since she fully understands how she is viewed and perceived by others.”

My Advice for Parents: How to Manage Bedwetting

The greatest advice I can give to parents of children with disabilities going through something similar is to take a DEEP breath. It will be okay! Your child is on their own journey and will, in time, find their way. There is no amount of parenting, explaining, or acting in frustration that will hurry the process along. It takes letting go and allowing yourself to use the tools and resources around you, like Goodnites®.

One very important thing to note is bedwetting underwear can help your child to participate in childhood activities like sleeping over at a friend’s house or even participating in a family vacation. Sometimes when you feel like you are constantly in survival mode, the thought of adding a sleepover or travel can be overwhelming. Goodnites® can help you let go a little bit, knowing you are covered.

So, give yourself a break (and also your laundry) by letting yourself (and your child) off the hook by allowing Goodnites® to be a part of your bedtime routine to protect against leaks, and help your child wake up dry and feeling awesome. You deserve it and so does your beautiful child.”

Try Goodnites® For Your Child

While every family’s bedwetting situation is unique, Goodnites® can help manage it. They are the #1 bedwetting underwear* that helps kids wake up dry, and the only brand that comes in 4 sizes, XS-XL.

We’d like to thank Ashley Lewis for bravely sharing Presley’s story in the hopes of helping other families currently managing bedwetting. We encourage everyone to stand up to the bedwetting stigma by talking about it with loved ones, to friends, or in whichever manner you feel comfortable. You can read another family’s Goodnites® success story here.

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