Goodnites® Launches Awesome Days Campaign For Kids with ADHD & Autism

Aug 23, 2023 | 5 minutes Read

Father tucking son into bed

Don’t let wet sheets get in the way of an awesome day. Goodnites® is the #1 bedwetting underwear* that helps kids with ADHD and Autism wake up dry. Because dry sheets can be the start to a better day for the whole family.

In our latest campaign, we’re standing up to the stigma and shame often associated with bedwetting. Our goal is to spark a conversation that can help parents find answers, enabling kids with ADHD and Autism to wake up dry and confident.

We’re proud to feature real families in this campaign, bringing the challenges and daily triumphs of the bedwetting journey to life.

Here’s to an awesome day.

Bedwetting Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

If you, like 65% of other parents*, are feeling judged or misunderstood, just know you’re not alone. It’s not your or your child’s fault. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Bedwetting happens. It occurs in 1 in 6 kids, and it’s even more common in kids with Autism and/or ADHD, according to a study in the Journal of Pediatric Urology.

*Goodnites® Landmark Study

Goodnites® Bedwetting Underwear Helps Kids With ADHD & Autism Wake Up Dry

Goodnites® is here to help families like yours work through bedwetting, so everyone can have better days. Our bedwetting underwear are made to help kids wake up dry, including kids with ADHD and Autism, for up to 100% leak free nights. Because dry sheets can be the start to an awesome day for the whole family.
ADHD and Autism Wakeup and DRy Video

Bedwetting Underwear Up To Size XL

For families who need a longer-term bedwetting solution, Goodnites® Bedwetting Underwear is available through size XL (or 140lbs). for a comfortable, tailored fit.
Bedwetting Underwear Up To Size XL Video

Autism Acceptance Month

As a proud partner of the Autism Society of America, we launched a campaign in honor of Autism Acceptance Month featuring these real families.
Autism Acceptance Month Video