5 Ways To Help Your Son Stay Dry At Night

Nov 02, 2022 | 2 minutes Read

How To Help Bedwetting Son

Boys And Bedwetting

Whether your son has always wet the bed or has started again after stopping for a few months, it’s no fun for either of you. Don’t despair, it’s often just a normal part of a boys’ development. If you think there could be an underlying issue, check in with your doctor.

1. Make Sure He Drinks Plenty

It’s recommended that four- to eight-year-olds should drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Prompting your son to drink water throughout the day allows his bladder to reach its maximum capacity and helps keep it in good working order.

2. Regular Bathroom Stops

Remind him to use the toilet regularly throughout the day and make a final visit before settling down for the night so his bladder is empty before he goes to sleep.

3. Light The Way

Some kids are afraid of the dark, but it’s important that your son can find his way to the bathroom easily at night. A night light or keeping a flashlight handy will help guide him and keep the monsters at bay. For younger kids, you might want to put a potty in their room.

4. Offer Him Protection

Goodnites® Nighttime Underwear can help your son relax more at night, and give him confidence going forward with social activities like sleepovers or trips away from home. Team them up with Goodnites®Bed Mats if he needs that extra security. Store them somewhere discreet but easily accessible – in a pajama or underwear drawer at home, or the inside pocket of a backpack when on trips.

5. Stay Positive!

All the parents we spoke to who had boys affected by bedwetting said that embarrassment was their overwhelming feeling, especially as they got older. The associated stress about it can make the problem worse. No matter how hard, try to remain calm and positive as showing annoyance will only feed into his anxiety.