Top Tips For School Trips If Your Child Isn’t Dry At Night Yet

Nov 02, 2022 | 1.5 minutes Read

School Trips

Take The Stress Out Of School Trips

School trip planned, and your child isn’t dry at night yet? No problem. We’ve got some expert advice on what to pack, and how to help them (and you) worry less.

Remind Them They Are Not Alone

Bedwetting is common, and often runs in families. It is upsetting but most children and young people will grow out of it. Keep telling your child this. This isn’t forever and they are not the only ones.

Let Their Teacher Know

Encourage your child to tell their teacher about their problem, or you could do this yourself if they would prefer. Teachers will be able to help them if they wet the bed in a discreet way.

Stock Up On Bedwetting Supplies

Pack Goodnites Nighttime Underwear in their travel bag and encourage your child to pull them on and wear them all night. It means your child will feel safe in the knowledge that no one can tell they are there except them.

Be Discreet

If your child is uncomfortable showing their Goodnites® Nighttime Underwear, you could pop their supplies inside their sleeping bag along with their pajamas so they can dress for bed in private. A sealable plastic bag in with their things can keep them out of view in the morning, ready to bin. Once again, a supervising adult will be on hand to help out.

Pack A Bed Mat For Extra Security

For even more peace of mind, pack a bed mat for your child to lie on, a great way to cover their tracks without anyone knowing, Goodnites® Bed Mats have a peelable strip so your child can stick them down onto the mattress and they won’t budge in the night.