Bedtime Routine

Nov 02, 2022 | 1.5 minutes Read

Bedtime Routine

Quick Routine Changes Can Mean Fewer Bedsheet Changes

Bedtime is hardly the most exciting of events. You probably have a routine to get ready for it But did you know that there are a few things you can do leading up to bedtime, to reduce your chances of having an accident during the night?

1. Unwind At Bath Time

Some people don’t like having a bath, but once you’re in there it’s a great way to relax and prepare for sleep. Have it warm, but not too hot, and take in some toys or a book. There’s nothing like fresh pajamas after a bath.

2. Use The Toilet

Get rid of as much pee as possible before you fall asleep. That way, you’re less likely to need to pee during the night. This will train your bladder as well.

3. Move Distractions

The darker and more silent your room is, the better you’ll sleep. So, unplug any gadgets and toys you have in your room and leave them outside the door.

4. Read Your Favorite Book

Open up a good book. You can even start it while you’re sitting on the toilet if you like. A great story is an excellent way to forget about the activity of the day and get your mind ready to dream big. To help with waking up awesome, keep some Goodnites® Nighttime Underwear and/or Bed Mats handy.