Bed and Mattress Protectors

Nov 02, 2022 | 3 minutes Read

Bed And Mattress Protectors

There Is A Time And Place For Goodnites® Products

Bedwetting can be a very challenging time for you and your child. However, there are ways to make it a bit easier on both of you. After having to wake and change pajamas and sheets in the middle of the night for the 4th night in the row, you will know that bedwetting is absolutely no fun for anyone. Luckily, there are some very useful products that might help manage your child’s bedwetting stage. Bedwetting products are not going to fix the problem, as the best cure for bedwetting is often time. But making things easier for yourself and your child will mean more patience and a more relaxed attitude. Here are some of the most popular bed protection products:

Mattress Protector

We all know how hard it can be to dry out a mattress and when you have had an accident   and the chances of the mattress getting wet are high. Mattress protectors are an effective bedwetting product that you can use until your child finally grows out of the problem for good. If your child does a lot of camping, you should think about getting a waterproof sleeping bag liner, which will help keep the sleeping bag clean if your child has an accident. Mattress protectors generally feature a plastic protective layer with padding and cords to attach the mattress protector to the bed, and sheets are designed to be placed over the mattress protectors. They come in all sizes, from singles all the way up to king size.

Waterproof Pads

Waterproof pads are slightly different to mattress protectors. They generally don’t cover the entire bed, only the area where accidents are most likely to happen, and you can just throw the dirty ones away or you could wash it and reuse it. They are usually placed on top of the sheets and can be tucked in under the mattress. They have great absorbency and can hold about 4 times the amount of urine that the bladder can produce. A waterproof pad will mean less changing of the sheets as the  waterproof bottom layer stops the fluid soaking through to the sheet and mattress underneath.

Bedwetting Sheets

Bedwetting sheets are usually waterproof and are made from either rubber or plastic. They stop any moisture from accidents that your child might have from damaging the bed. They usually go over the bottom sheet to protect mattress AND sheets from moisture and staining. It also means no more middle-of-the-night bed stripping and cleaning, which means a better night’s sleep for you and your child. The one negative thing about bedwetting sheets is that they can be noisy, however, most kids who wet the beds are very deep sleepers so this shouldn’t pose that much of a problem.

Nighttime Underwear

Special nighttime underwear like Goodnites® can help your child manage the bedwetting stage. They are available for kids ranging from 28 lbs all the way up to 140 lbs. They also come in specifically designed boys and  girls versions with protection where your child needs it the most. The great thing about this nighttime underwear is that they look like real underwear so any embarrassment your child may feel at wearing them should be minimized, this is especially important if your little one starts going to camps and sleepovers. You won’t have to try to change clothing in the middle of the night after the umpteenth pair of pajama pants has been soaked, and your child won’t need to wake up in a big wet patch. Goodnites® can be used by your child over time, so they can learn to stay dry through the night without waking up wet. Goodnites® make for a good night’s sleep, so they can wake up awesome!