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Product Features

Five layer protection
Super absorbent
Goodnites® Disposable Bed Mats are designed to both lock in odor and absorb fluid to help keep sheets dry at night.
Help to keep dry
Leakage barrier
Provides outstanding mattress and sheet protection.
Soft and Quite
Soft and Quiet
Goodnites® Disposable Bed Mats are made with comfortable layers to help make every night a restful night for your child.
Zone Protection
Stays in place
Four easy-to-remove peel strips ensure Goodnites® Disposable Bed Mats are easy to place.
#1 Nighttime Protection Brand
#1 Nighttime Protection Brand
Add Goodnites® Disposable Bed Mats to your nightly routine for outstanding protection from the #1 Nighttime Protection Brand†.

†Youth pants category
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Best NightTime GuArantee
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Best NightTime Guarantee

Purchase any specially-marked Goodnites® products and if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

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Get the Right Goodnites Product

Childhood should be awesome and bedwetting shouldn't spoil that. Use our product finder to find the best Goodnites® product to help until they grow out of it.

Holds 2 Water Bottles of Liquid

Goodnites® Nighttime Underwear holds 3 water bottles* for outstanding overnight protection from bedwetting accidents. With up to 100% leak free nights no matter how your child sleeps, Goodnites® helps your child wake up dry, confident and awesome!

*Across all offered sizes, among national brands. Three 8 oz bottles* of saline, 24 oz. saline total.

Holds 2 Water Bottles of Liquid

"Your child's skin is our priority. That’s why we carefully select each ingredient that goes into Goodnites(r) Nighttime Underwear. Here’s a look at all the unique ingredients and their purpose."

Sodium Polyacrylate A superabsorbent material that pulls in and absorbs fluid for wetness protection.
Polypropylene A common material in fibers and films. Used to deliver softness, durability, and protection.
Wood Pulp The main component of our tissue and towel products. In our absorbent hygiene products, it helps absorb wetness and store it away.
Polyethylene A common material used in fibers and films. We use it to deliver softness, breathability, and protection. In a cosmetic, It can also be used to help keep a lotion thick.
Polyurethane/polyolefin elastics A material with stretch that provides a great fit and helps prevent leakage.
Adhesives Used to hold things together. In our tissues, attaches the tissue to the roll or attaches the end tissue. In our diapers, feminine care and adult care products adhesives are used to hold the components together or help adhere the products to garments.
Colorants Pigments and colorants are used to provide the colors and designs seen on our products. The amounts we use per product are very small and are evaluated to ensure they are safe and non-sensitizing.
Printing Inks Printing inks are used to provide a decorative design. The colorants and pigments we use are evaluated to ensure they are safe and non-sensitizing.

Goodnites® Bed Mats

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Goodnites® Disposable Bed Mats should be discarded in the trash. Please note that Goodnites products are not flushable, so please do not flush them.

Goodnites® Disposable Bed Mats are made with comfortable layers to help keep your child and sheets dry. They are designed to absorb urine to help keep sheets dry at night.

Yes, Goodnites® Bed Mats are disposable. They can be discarded in trash.

Goodnites® Bed Mats are available at many key retailers in USA and Canada. For online purchases, please visit our Buy Goodnites® Online 

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