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Goodnites® has been there for you and your family. We want you to see the history and science that has led us to become the #1 nighttime underwear brand*
*Youth Pants Category

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Goodnites® History

A lot has changed since Goodnites® was launched almost 30 years ago to help your family wake up awesome. Follow our journey below to see the innovations that have led us to where we are today.

  • Goodnites® 1994


    Kimberly-Clark launches Goodnites® as a unisex nighttime underwear in two sizes, medium and large, for kids 45-85 lbs

  • Goodnites® 2003


    Goodnites® releases our latest innovation, the "Trim-Fit" style. This drastically reduces the padding thickness and overall size to provide discreet protection

  • Goodnites® 2004


    Goodnites® introduces gender specific nighttime underwear with absorbency zones to provide protection where it is needed most

  • Goodnites® 2012


    Goodnites® Bed Mats are launched, adding to the portfolio of great bedwetting products to help wake up awesome

  • Goodnites® 2017


    Goodnites® XS is launched for both boys and girls, providing a better fitting nighttime underwear for sizes 3-5

  • Goodnites® 2021


    Goodnites® splits the L/XL size into a L and an XL size to provide bedwetting protection for up to size 20