GoodNites® Bedtime Pants

From the #1 Nighttime Protection Brand.

Disposable GoodNites® Bedtime Pants are made just for kids age 4 and up with features like these:

  • More Absorbent! vs the leading training pant
  • New zoned protection where boys and girls need it
  • 25% stretchier sides to fit & move like underwear
  • Exclusive Iron Man and Disney Fairies designs
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    Potty Training

  • All children age 18 to 48 months old go through potty training.
  • Children are learning to recognize the urge to go before it happens.
  • A stage of development in which children learn through training during the day.
  • Recommended product:
    Pull-Ups® Training Pants.

Bedwetting products are for ages 4 and up


  • 1 in 6 kids age 4 to 12 wet the bed once or more per week after potty training ends‡‡.
  • At night, your child's bladder doesn't wake his or her brain in time to use the bathroom.
  • Children can't control bedwetting. It can't be trained away, but most children outgrow it.
  • Recommended product:
    GoodNites® Bedtime Pants.

    For Ages 4+
Dr. Jen Video

Why Does My Potty Trained Child Wet the Bed? GoodNites Bedwetting Expert Answers

Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, GoodNites expert, pediatrician, mother, and author, discusses why children who are potty trained during the day might still wet the bed at night. For more bedwetting advice ... /flash/FLVPlayer/FLVPlayer.swf
  • Pl_7Mu63UFY My child wets the bed. Is it my fault? My child wets the bed. Is it my fault? 1 /img/product/underwear_endcard.jpg

Why Does My Potty-Trained Child Wet the Bed?

Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg – a pediatrician, mother and author – explains why children who are daytime potty-trained might still wet the bed at night.

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Compare GoodNites® Bedtime Pants to Training Pants

GoodNites® Bedtime Pants are made just for boys and girls ages 4 and up with outstanding protection in any sleeping position. Compare them to training pants and find what's right for night.

training pants sign
Protection for daytime potty training accidents in toddlers Protection More Absorbent! vs the leading training pant with new zoned protection for boys & girls
Designs geared toward younger kids Designs New vibrant graphics for kids age 4+ with exclusive Spider-Man & Disney Fairies designs
Made for toddler shapes and sizes Fit Super stretchy sides fit many body shapes and sizes
Fits toddlers under 38 lbs. Sizes S/M
Clothing size:
38-65 lbs.
(17-29 kg)
Clothing size:
60-125 lbs.
(27-57+ kg)

Frequently Asked Questions about GoodNites® Bedtime Pants

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Do GoodNites® Bedtime Pants enable bedwetting?

GoodNites® Bedtime Pants do not enable bedwetting. Children develop things like motor skills, language and even bladder control at different rates. Until then, GoodNites® Bedtime Pants simply provide an easy way to manage bedwetting and help your child feel confident.

How do GoodNites® Bedtime Pants help with childhood bedwetting?

GoodNites® Bedtime Pants not only offer comfort for sleeping, they help them maintain a sense of privacy and self-esteem until your child outgrows bedwetting. With GoodNites® Bedtime Pants, there's no need for a child to worry about wet sheets and other disruptions.

Where can I buy GoodNites® Bedtime Pants?

GoodNites® Bedtime Pants are sold at all leading mass merchandise, grocery and drug stores.
Retailers typically stock them in the same aisle as disposable diapers. To find an online retailer, check with our Where to Buy tool.

How can I get coupons for GoodNites® Bedtime Pants?

You can print your own coupon online with our e-coupon tool. By subscribing to free email updates from the GoodNites® Brand, you get coupons and advanced notice of Sunday newspaper savings. Coupons for GoodNites Bedtime pants may be published periodically in the insert section of many U.S. Sunday newspapers.

Should my child wear underwear with GoodNites® Bedtime Pants?

Most kids wear GoodNites® Bedtime Pants as a replacement for underwear at night. But underwear certainly can be worn over GoodNites® Bedtime Pants.

How are GoodNites® Bedtime Pants made?

GoodNites® Bedtime Pants have gender-specific, cloth-like outer covers that look and feel like underwear. Inside, there's a discreet, absorbent pad that draws wetness in, away from skin. The stretchy sides offer a comfortable, snug fit. Leak guards provide discreet all-night protection. They are latex-free and contain no lotions.

In what sizes are GoodNites® Bedtime Pants available?

Good fit means good protection. That's why GoodNites® Bedtime Pants are available in two sizes for each gender.

S-M: 38-65 lbs (17-29 kg)
L-XL: 60-125+ lbs (27-57+ kg)
If your child falls within the 60-65 lb. range, check the fit on the S-M size. If it seems tight, move up to the L-XL size.

Can I buy GoodNites® Bedtime Pants directly from Kimberly-Clark?

We do not sell our products directly to individual consumers. However, some retail store managers are willing to order products in case quantities for their consumers. You may wish to ask your store manager if he or she will provide this service. To find an online retailer or a retailer in your area, check with our Where to Buy tool.

What's different about improved GoodNites® Bedtime Pants?

Improved GoodNites® Bedtime Pants offer the same outstanding protection, but they now have zoned protection where boys and girls need it most, more vibrant pant designs and a new fit. Their sides are now 25% stretchier to fit and move like underwear for many body shapes and sizes.

Who do I contact with additional questions about bedwetting or GoodNites® Bedtime Pants?

For additional questions or comments regarding GoodNites® Bedtime Pants, please contact us directly.

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