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Parents Talk About How to Make Sleepovers A Success For A Bedwetter

Who doesn’t remember the fun of a sleepover as a child? You were allowed to stay up half the night with your BFFs singing, giggling, painting your toenails, pigging out on pizza and popcorn, and having a blast. But what about children who wet the bed? They may turn down invitations, afraid that they’ll have an accident and their friends will find out and tease them.

There are ways to make sure your child can go on sleepovers like everyone else in spite of having issues with bedwetting. GoodNites® NightTime Underwear and Bed Mats can play an important role in the planning.

Some parents suggest you start by hosting a sleepover at home where your child is most comfortable. Then, if they wet the bed, it can be taken care of discreetly.

“Practice with family first,” says Sally, mother of a 10-year-old child who wets the bed. “Have a sleepover at your house or start with one at the house of a family member who already knows about the bedwetting. Then once she’s done that a few times, have her try inviting a few friends over to your house. Start with a small group she is comfortable with.”

Sally's daughter is working on this. “I'd like her to be able to attend a sleepover because it seems like a big step towards independence as she's growing up. Plus, a lot of her friends are having them and I don’t want her to be left out.”

Work with your child to prepare for sleepovers so they’re comfortable sleeping away from home, says Barbara of Texas. “Our child was terrified to go to sleepovers because of bedwetting. We brainstormed and together came up with a system that she was comfortable with and that would be easy to conceal any accidents.”

Barbara suggests reaching out to the child’s parents to make sure they are aware and can help find a discreet place for the child to change clothes and dispose of their GoodNites® NightTime Underwear. "I always talk to her friend’s parents if she is spending the night away from home, to let them know.

“Our system was simple. My daughter took two fitted sheets to sleepovers with her. She could put on the bottom sheet and then put a GoodNites® Bed Mat on top of the first sheet. She then was able to cover the pad with the top fitted sheet, hiding it from her friends. If she had an accident during the night, then she could discreetly remove the wet top sheet and the pad and place them in trash bags that she took with her. This allowed her to put any potentially wet sheets in her bag without anyone seeing.”

So while every child’s experience with bedwetting is different, it’s always a good idea to engage in open, honest communication with your child. Have a plan ahead of a sleepover or camp to ensure they are able to enjoy the night just like their friends!

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