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Advice for Parents

Overcoming Obstacles

A mom of three boys

Helping your child overcome obstacles isn’t the same as doing all the work for them.

The more a child is “in charge” of figuring out ways to conquer those pesky barriers standing in his way, the more empowered and confident he’ll feel. For example, I have encouraged my sons to brainstorm ways around obstacles that come with bedwetting (or nighttime wetting), like being afraid to go to sleepovers, or worrying that their brothers will tease them. With my help, they discovered solutions. One of my sons came up with the idea of keeping his GoodNites® Bedtime Pants, along with a zip-close plastic bag, in a special, hidden section of his backpack at a sleepover. At bedtime, my son would take the whole backpack into the bathroom and change for bed. With the pajamas on over his GoodNites®, none of his friends were the wiser. In the morning, he’d change into his regular clothes in the bathroom, put the GoodNites® Bedtime Pants into the zipper bag, and bring it home to throw away. A pretty smart solution, if you ask me, and my son was proud of himself for thinking it up.

One hurdle down, a million more to go — that’s parenthood for you! Growing up brings plenty of challenges, and some of them, like nighttime wetting, are just too big for kids to face all on their own. These obstacles can become positive experiences when kids use their own ingenuity to find solutions — and when you’re there to lend a listening ear or some ideas of your own.

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