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One Mom's Experiences Raising Multiple Children Who Wet the Bed

When Grace's brother wet the bed 20 years ago, her mom did not have the support and awareness that is around today. "I remember both my mom and my brother being very frustrated," she says. Her father, however, had wet the bed as a child and could offer some sympathy to her brother.

Now, two of Grace's three children have trouble staying dry at night. "There is a six-year difference between the two that wet the bed," she says, referring to her oldest child, Doug, 12, and daughter, Cassy, 6. Her middle son, who is 9, has never had a problem with bedwetting, or nighttime wetting, as it is also known.

Occasionally, her children question why two of them wet the bed and the other does not. But for the most part, the children accept it and go on. "I am just so thankful for all of the support," she says. "Families can now get help and encouragement from others."

Surrounded by Support

Grace's brother and father are great support for her children, she says. "My brother and dad have never personally talked to Doug and Cassy about bedwetting, because they are afraid it might be embarrassing for the children," she says. "But both have asked me to pass along encouraging words." These words mean a great deal to her children, especially Doug.

Another person whom Grace has turned to for advice is her pediatrician. "Our doctor has been very helpful and encouraging," she says. "When we wanted to try medications for my son's bedwetting, our pediatrician was very supportive. But he did say that they don't always work."

Doug's attempts with the medications for nighttime wetting were unsuccessful. Their pediatrician assured Grace that as long as her son was handling the nighttime wetting emotionally and mentally, everything would work itself out. In the meantime, Grace uses GoodNites® NightTime Underwear to keep her two children dry at night and to help them sleep with confidence. It also helps lessen the laundry load.

Grace and her son also find helpful and supportive information about nighttime wetting on the Internet. Her son finds comfort knowing that many children his age also have trouble staying dry through the night.

Though Grace's son and daughter are both dealing with nighttime wetting, they do not talk to each other about it. "My son really only discusses it with me, and that's when I sense that he is feeling really frustrated at the moment," says Grace. Fortunately, her daughter has not become too self-conscious about wetting the bed.

Spending the Night Away

Nighttime wetting does not keep Grace's oldest child from overnight events. "He has always gone on overnight stays to friends' homes, and he handles it very well," says Grace. When Doug's away, he packs his GoodNites® NightTime Underwear to manage accidents.

Doug attended his first overnight camp a few years ago. "I spoke with the director of the camp about my son's bedwetting condition before camp started," says Grace. In the mornings, the counselors would wake up Doug ahead of the other campers to go to the bathroom and change clothes. "My son had a great experience," Grace says. "He wore protective [underpants] and never missed a beat."

Raising three children comes with a long list of challenges and rewards. Raising children who wet the bed can bring a few additional challenges, such as extra laundry, making the beds in the middle of the night and keeping absorbent undergarments on hand. But Grace's family takes it all in stride.



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