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Keeping Emotions in Check for a Better Bedtime

A mom of a grade-school boy

Nighttime accidents have a way of really bringing out an emotional response in me — and not a good one! I don’t like messes, and I really don’t like stripping and remaking beds. So when I encounter a tangle of wet sheets first thing in the morning — or discover them as I’m putting the kids to bed — I admit I sometimes have to take a deep breath to keep from showing my distemper.

I know it’s not rational for me to be angry with my child over something he can’t control, but we parents are only human. Still, I know we will all get a better night’s sleep if I can keep my emotions under control and not let my triggers get the better of me.

Here are some tips I’ve discovered to take the emotional response out of nighttime wetting:

Remember, they are still kids. Sometimes I’ve found myself wishing my child would “just get over” nighttime accidents. It sometimes helps me to remember that when my son was a baby, I would never have gotten angry with him over a wet diaper — knowing he couldn’t help it. Now that he looks, acts and talks like a Big Kid in so many ways, it’s easy to forget that he’s still growing and still needs my patience and support while his body catches up with his brain.

Think of bedtime as bonding time. Take a few moments before bed to make sure your child has used the bathroom, tuck her in and talk to her — all of these activities can help her feel more at ease about the night to come. Often, addressing bedwetting (or nighttime wetting) head-on is the best approach. Try saying something like, “I know you’re going to try hard to stay dry tonight, but I want you to know it is OK if you have an accident.” This approach can be a good way to remind your child — and yourself — that, no matter what, you’re proud of her and know she’s trying her best.

Be prepared. When nighttime wetting doesn’t happen every night, it’s tempting to put a mattress cover on the bed and hope for the best. But when a child is still having accidents fairly often, it’s stressful for both parent and child to wonder if tonight will be an easy night — or a complicated one. GoodNites® NightTime Underwear and GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear offer kids, moms and dads peace of mind at night — and avoid an uncomfortable, messy and stressful “surprise” in the morning.



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