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Bedwetting Q&A:

My son has never been dry at night and does not have problems during the day.


My son will be 10 next month. He has never regularly been dry at night. He does not have problems during the day. He does not drink soft drinks on a regular basis. We limit drinks later in the day. He is embarrassed about still wetting the bed. Should I ask his pediatrician to check for physical problems?

The GoodNites® Team Answer:

Greetings! Thank you for your inquiry. Bedwetting, also known as nighttime wetting or nocturnal enuresis, is a very common condition that affects children all over the world. Nighttime wetting usually resolves itself as the child grows older. If these problems persist, we recommend consulting with a medical professional in case there are underlying causes that we can’t address. The GoodNites® team strives to provide superior support and resources for individuals who are dealing with nighttime wetting issues. We appreciate your reaching out and wish you the best! Sincerely, The GoodNites® Team

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