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Is it my fault that my child wets the bed?

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In these videos, our experts will help you understand that that no one is to blame for bedwetting — it’s a perfectly natural phase of growing up.

Watch these videos to hear what the experts had to say. 

Our Experts

Dr. Bennett

“There’s really nothing a parent does that makes bedwetting happen in their child.”


“There is nothing that you as a mother have done wrong or incorrectly to take on this burden.”



“It’s just a normal part of life for a lot of kids and a lot of parents.”

Watch their answers to the most frequently asked questions about nighttime wetting.

What is Bedwetting?

How Do I Stop or Cure Bedwetting?

Will Bedwetting Have an Impact on My Child?

How Do I Help My Child Stop Wetting the Bed?

Is it My Fault that My Child Wets the Bed?

All About Bedwetting Alarms.

Am I still potty training if my child is dry during the day but still wetting at night?

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