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How do I stop and cure bedwetting?

Presented by GoodNites®

In these videos, our experts explain that while there is no cure for bedwetting, there are some great ways to manage it.

Watch these videos to hear what the experts had to say. 

Our Experts

Dr. Bennett

“My feeling is that a child shouldn’t wait if there is something you can do.”


“I wish the GoodNites pants were available for me to use as a kid.”


“Honestly, there’s not a whole lot you can do to stop it.”

Watch their answers to the most frequently asked questions about nighttime wetting.

What is Bedwetting?

How Do I Stop or Cure Bedwetting?

Will Bedwetting Have an Impact on My Child?

How Do I Help My Child Stop Wetting the Bed?

Is it My Fault that My Child Wets the Bed?

All About Bedwetting Alarms.

Am I still potty training if my child is dry during the day but still wetting at night?



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