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Transitioning from Potty Training

Ask the Expert: Dr. Heather

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Dr. Heather Wittenberg is a child psychologist and mom of four. She specializes in the development of young children. Dr. Wittenberg is a nationally known parenting writer, speaker, television guest expert, and blogger.

Watch these videos to see what she had to say.

Is potty training over if my child only wets at night?

What if my child continues to wet the bed?

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Watch their answers to the most frequently asked questions about nighttime wetting.

What is Bedwetting?

How Do I Stop or Cure Bedwetting?

How Do I Help My Child Stop Wetting the Bed?

How is Potty Training different than nighttime dryness?

How do I talk to family and friends about bedwetting?

When Will My Child be Dry at Night?

These articles are not a substitute for medical advice, consult your doctor as needed.

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