My 9 year old poops his pants regularly including at school - what can we do for him?

By jnsears08
November 3, 2011 1:53:39 PM

My 9 year old son is pooping his pants all the time! When he is at school, he cant hold it and poops his pants. He is right now wearing goodnights but I think that he should go into diapers. I need to know if he should stay in goodnights or go into diapers. All my doctors say that he will grow out of it. Please help me answering that question! Thank You

JaneFo answers:

Usually nighttime bedwetting is the final development stage that occurs after a child has conquered day time urinary and fecal control. Since your doctor feels your son will grow out this situation on his own, management of your son’s incontinence is certainly the key. For determining the best product to meet your specific needs, I would suggest you call our Consumer Services Department at 1-888-525-8388 between 8AM and 4PM Central Time, Monday-Friday. A Consumer Services representative can discuss what products are most appropriate for your son’s size, weight and needs. You can also find other options for getting help from Consumer Services at