I'm 18 and I wet my bed. My parents do not know and I do not want them to know.

December 28, 2012 8:09:32 PM

I'm 18 and I wet my bed. My parents do not know, I do not want them to know. I do have a source of money to buy diapers or underpants for night time. I have been wetting my bed for one week straight I hate being woken up by wet underwear and a wet bed. If I were to buy some Goodnites or diapers for my bedwetting I wouldn't have any place to hide them from my parents because I do not wish to tell my parents.

JaneF answers:

If you have suddenly started wetting the bed at night, it may be due to a medical issue and we would advise you to see a physician. Common causes of secondary onset enuresis are bladder or urinary tract infections, new or increased stress and excess weight. Protective underwear is only effective if it fits correctly, and as an adult you need to be guided by the size that will fit, and as an adult may be able to find more community help and support with your specific issue at www.Depend.com. Enuresis is very complicated because it is the result of a cause or combination of causes which creates a dysfunction between bladder and brain.