"Training Pants or GoodNites®?"

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With the array of options in the store, it can be tricky to figure out whether to put GoodNites® Underwear or training pants (like Pull-Ups®) in your cart if your child is experiencing nighttime accidents. These questions will help you determine which is the right choice for your growing child:

How old is your child? Training pants are intended for young kids who are still making frequent daytime trips to the bathroom while they are potty training. GoodNites® Underwear are meant for growing children ages 4 and up who need extra protection at night due to frequent or occasional bedwetting.

How big is your child? Most training pants fit toddler sizes up to 3T or so. GoodNites® Underwear are available in sizes 4-14, so they’re just right for growing kids.

When will your child use them? Training pants are meant to be used while a child is potty training, to provide extra protection in between trips to the bathroom. GoodNites® Underwear are specially designed to be worn lying down. They’re plush and super-absorbent to help keep kids dry and comfortable all night. Plus, the discreet design looks and feels like regular underwear.

Why do you need them? If your child is dry all day but sometimes has nighttime accidents, GoodNites® Underwear are probably the right choice. They’re made of soft, quiet material with graphics that children won’t mind wearing.

Plus, they provide great leakage protection to help keep sheets and pajamas dry all-night – which can mean fewer loads of laundry and less late-night clean-up sessions for you.