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April 13, 2013 9:02:46 AM

Sometimes my teenager still wets the bed. How can we help her?

Christy B. answers:

For teenagers, it is important for them to get checked out by a doctor regarding bedwetting. Medical conditions such as bladder infections, nerve damage, or even diabetes can play a part in the bedwetting. Also, making changes in the diet could make a difference as caffeine, carbonation, citrus, dairy, and other foods are known bladder triggers. We also have additional information to help your teen including the following article geared towards helping teens with bedwetting issues: http://www.goodnites.com/na/bedwetting-education/articles/but-im-too-old-to-wet-the-bed-support-and-hope-for-teens-with-nocturnal-enuresis.aspx.



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