i just started wetting the bed i am 14 and what should i do?

April 1, 2012 5:48:02 AM

i just started wetting the bed i am 14 and what should i do?

KrystalE answers:

Because you just started bedwetting, you should have your parents make an appointment with your pediatrician. The doctor can rule out any medical problems.  If there are no medical issues, there are  a few things you can do. Are you drinking caffeinated drinks or eating foods such as citrus and chocolate close to bedtime? Certain food and drinks may be aggravating the bladder causing you to wet. We have an article on our site, "But I'm Too Old to Wet the Bed..." Support and Hope for Teens With Nocturnal Enuresis,” by Amy Carey, that may provide both you and your parents with information and ideas on how to manage your bedwetting. http://www.goodnites.com/na/bedwetting-education/articles/but-im-too-old-to-wet-the-bed-support-and-hope-for-teens-with-nocturnal-enuresis.aspx



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